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Whatsapp Status in Hindi

Hello guys, My name is Aradhna Gesup from Mumbai India and you all know that Whatsapp have become very much essential for every Smart phone users and every time whatsapp upgrading with new features. Whatsapp status is one of them and specially being in India we all look for Whatsapp Status in Hindi rather than updating in other languages. We all know that Whatsapp community have became the largest one after Facebook in the Social field. We all update our daily status in Whatsapp to show some feelings and moments to our loved ones. I have been using whatsapp for many years and we all are part of the community that is connected with each other on a single tap.
My post regarding Whatsapp Status in Hindi is to tell all our friends that it may be no longer feature the same but will be upgraded with more new offers and features. I am providing few of the reviews and comments by our Whatsapp users Bollywood celebrities that what they think about Whatsapp status and how they give importance to it.

Katrina Kaif:
Whatsapp status feature is the one I like most because we express our feelings to everyone without sending messages.

Deepika Padukone:
I like whatsapp status feature and specially I daily update my Whatsapp status in Hindi because I like Hindi language.

Shradha Kapoor:
Oh I really love to use Whatsapp status feature as I share all my personal moments to all my friends and family members.

Alia Bhatt:
Whatsapp is my most favorite messenger since I started using this and I love Whatsapp status updating to be in touch with all my friends and fans in a single tap.

So guys you might have got positive reviews by our celebrities for Whatsapp features and we hope to get more and best features in the future by Whatsapp.

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